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More then 25 years experience...

Smash Repairs
Car Smash Repairs Brisbane
MJP Smash repairs handles and repairs vehicles for clients of all the major insurance company's. We are independent repairers and specialise in all models of cars, heavy vehicle and coach repairs and paint as well as all aspects of automotive repairs. Colour matching is a highly skilled ability that we take very seriously and pride our selves on decisive accuracy to ensure that the vehicles are flawless in this discipline. In other words you will never see a incorrect colour ie a different shade on one of our vehicles we paint. We use Dupont refinish systems which allow us a versatile ability as it is the only Binary system on the market with incredible colour toning for any factory finish. Lastly Chassis alignment for the correction of impact and structural integrity is of the utmost priority as the vehicle can look superb but it must measure up and align superbly in order to be right. We have the correct skills and equipment to assure accuracy in this area. The premises is equipped with Tig and Mig Welding facilities for the restoration and repair of Aluminium Alloys and Reclamation of engineered housings as well as having access to machining of components.

Panel Beating
Panel Beating
When your car has been dented by an object it has had the panel stretched. When you remove the depression by panel beating, it usually will require some method of shrinking as well. This is to remove the effect that the stretched panel has from impact. Once all of this is sorted out some filler and then primer filler can be applied. This surface coat is then prepared for colour and clear coat to be applied. All of this done correctly and accurately and you have a panel repair that you will never know existed.

Truck Smash Repairs
Truck Smash Repairs
Repairing trucks is a specialty that MJP Smash Repairs has been catering to for many commercial customers. Whether fleet or owner operator, We take care of all requirements from accident damage to fleet colours as well as decals for company signage. We have the specialised equipment and the facilities to keep your vehicles under cover and safe while repairs are carried out. As many later model trucks have a back order parts supply requirement via dealers we endeavour to makeshift repair your vehicle until parts arrive from overseas. This way your vehicle can remain working, if possible until parts become available from suppliers. Customer service is a priority,and all employees as well as management are here to help at all times. If after hours it is no problem as the phones divert straight to the owners Mobile, so if its urgent call Mark and he will endeavour to sort out any requirements you may have 24/7.

Restored Vintage Car
With the combined services offered MJP Smash repairs is capable of restoring very high end rare prestige motor vehicles. The construction of which may be steel and aluminium combinations or aluminium alloys. The paint work is also taken care of and can be customised to the individual customers requirements. Many vehicle restorations have been completed from Aston Martin to Vw to Mg, Ford, Gm, Dodge and more. We have many satisfied customers from this service.

Spray Painting
Spray Painting
Spray painting is a great way to make your car look great and also protect it from the elements and rust. We spray all kinds of vehicles from trucks to bikes and even loading arms of heavy transports! Come down today and give your vehicle a new lease on life.

More then 25 years experience....

    Chassis Straightening
    Chassis Straightening
    We are ready to handle anything. MJP Repairs has years of experience in car modifications and help you transform your vehicle into the your dream machine. If you have question about alterations and modifications drop us a line on 07 3277 2674.

    Under body restoration and anti corrosion coatings for the 4WD enthusiasts. Rust repairs with steel replacement sections and rust proofing repairs. Give us a call and we will handle all the frustration for you. Servicing all Insurance customers.

    Tropical Fish
    Heavy Transport Services
    We can transport most industrial jobs with the use of our crane trucks that can handle loads up to 10.5 tons capacity of truck. Cranes can lift up to 1 ton at 10 meters reach and max reach of 16 meters with 350 kilogram load.

    Tropical Fish
    Crane Repairs and Certifications
    Mjp Smash Repairs has a qualified fitter certifier for crack testing, as well as repairing hydraulics and getting certified weld repairs on cracked super structures completed. The process engages 15% of the superstructure welds to blast clean and then crack test with rocol dycheck to then be photographed before being touched up with paint. All hydraulic lines within range of 1 meter of operator are then socked for protection.

    Tropical Fish
    Aluminium Welding
    Mjp smash Repairs has a 200 amp high frequency TIG welding set and the skills to use it to reclaim just about any aluminium alloy product you may possess that is damaged. They also have a 3 phase 350 amp Cobramatic MIG welder and the skills to use it to do any production aluminium welding that may be required by customers. On an industrial or automotive basis.

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    We are located 9 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD the workshop is fairly central to a large customer base on the Southside of Brisbane. The premises has 1,000 square meters of undercover work shop and 400 square meters of parking , pre-delivery and quoting area with Office up at the front of premises.

    MJP Smash Repairs Brisbane

    MJP Smash Repairs Brisbane